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Environmental Impact Statement

Barrett has integrated Ram Tough systems into the recycling process. Ram Tough 250 is manufactured, in part, with recycled tire, crumb rubber and Poly Felt is manufactured with recycled PET content.

Ram Tough membranes are recyclable into high-quality asphaltic concrete for highway paving. (Recycle Inc. 201-662-3000).

Ram Tough PMR systems utilize Styrofoam® which is readily recyclable (Natural Polystyrene Recycling Co. 708-945-1991)

A fact not well known is that asphalt, by tonnage, is the most widely recycled material in America.

The Barrett Company is an Environmental Protection Agency – Department of Energy (EPA- DOE) "ENERGY STAR PARTNER" with Ultra White labeled products which meet the program’s criteria for energy conservation and performance.

Barrett offers "odor mask" formulations of all hot bituminous products to minimize olfactory objection to asphaltic smells.

Most importantly the extended service life of Ram Tough systems mean less reroofing, less volume of roof debris sent to landfill dumps and the lowest life-cycle cost, conserving a lot of energy and dollars.

Barrett Greenroof – Roofscapes® and our Greenroof Partner Systems® systems can provide truly dramatic environmental contributions including:

  • Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen, through photosynthesis, improving local air quality
  • Process Airborne Toxins through the vegetation and neutralizing them
  • Reduce "Heat Island" effect in urban areas
  • Control storm water run-off and signficantly reduced water pollution
  • Reduced energy costs of both heating and cooling the building
  • Significantly reduced external noise pollution
  • Increased efficiency of Photo Voltaics

Many of the Greenroof Roofscape and our Greenroof Partner System components are manufactured with recycled content including:

  • RAM Tought 250 and Polyfelt
  • RAM Drain-Roofscape materials
  • RAM pedestals
  • RAM filter fabrics
  • Certain root barriers
  • RAM ultra silver coating
  • Anchor mats
  • Planting boxes

We all have a duty and obligation to leave our children and their children a better world.

Greenroof - Roofscape® and our Greenroof Partner Systems offer our industry's biggest and best contribution to the environment to date.

Barrett Company will continue to do its part in making and leaving a better world.


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