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Greenroof-Roofscapes® Guidelines

The proper design and installation of a Greenroof-Roofscape® is more complex and challenging than a typical roofing project. It is also more rewarding and environmentally friendly.

In the early phases of the project, the structural engineer must provide guidance for allowable loading design; a Landscape Architect or a horticulturalist can be retained to provide vegetation criteria and design.

Low Profile (Extensive) systems have soil media depths of less than 6 inches. These assemblies generally provide optimum environmental efficiency.

High Profile (Intensive and Semi-Intensive) systems have soil media depths in excess of 6 inches.  These assemblies provide a wide range of vegetation choices and offer beautiful amenity space. 

Barrett can provide the necessary moisture and thermal protection design criteria and facilitate coordination between the design factions. 

Basic plan design requirements include leaving a two or three foot wide border at all perimeters and roof projections free and clear of soil media and vegetation.  Breaks in the green roof at 100 foot intervals in all directions are also recommended.  These clear areas are curbed and covered with concrete pavers, walkways or stone ballast.

Most Greenroof-Roofscapes® should be designed with drip irrigation systems to provide sufficient hydration for the establishment period. If Greenroof-Roofscape® systems are not irrigated a water supply must be furnished and a watering schedule maintained.

Vegetation planting designs are classified as High Profile (Intensive) and Low Profile (Extensive). Vegetation choices for low profile systems are best chosen from the sedum family which has over 1,200 species of various colors, shapes and heights.  The Alpine, Arid and similar indigenous species of plants may also be considered.  Roof vegetable gardens can be a viable choice of vegetation with high profile systems.

In addition to a standard roof maintenance program Greenroof-Roofscapes® require a maintenance commitment commensurate with the planting design, which the Owner must be made aware of and committed to. Without such a commitment the Greenroof-Roofscape® will not realize its full potential.

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