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Plaza Deck Guidelines

The proper design and installation for waterproofing a suspended slab Plaza Deck is more complex and challenging than a typical roofing project.

In the early design phase the owner and design team must decide how elaborate the plaza will be in conjunction with budgetary constraints, followed by structural considerations and mechanical trades considerations. When the preliminary considerations are resolved a landscape professional may be brought on board and usually, last to the party, the waterproofing professional.

The Barrett Company is well positioned to provide the necessary moisture and thermal protection design criteria, in conjunction with the design professionals, to facilitate coordination and collaboration between the various factions.

Design detail considerations for plaza construction include the vexing aesthetic consideration of flashing continuity of waterproofing, expansion-contraction considerations of the various elements, chemical exposures, drainage considerations, freeze-thaw considerations, cladding/deck intersections, doorway thresholds, electrical and plumbing interruptions, ice melting and snow removal strategies, water features, planters and horticultural details, wear surfacing options, construction sequencing, temporary protection from other trades post installation, and O&M are among other unique project specific considerations Barrett can consult upon.

Most plaza deck installations are IRMA® type protected membrane assemblies, the occupancy and code requirements generally dictating the amount of insulation required.

All plaza deck installations require a high functioning drainage plan which does not permit long-term standing water.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control of any plaza system are a crucial part of a successful system and needs to be detailed as a part of the specifications.

The long term performance of the moisture and thermal protection systems on a plaza should be guaranteed for both workmanship and defective materials for at least twenty years, with the expectation it will last a lot longer than that.

Since making plaza construction a specialty area of our business in 1972, Barrett designed and installed plazas have been performing as promised for more than four decades, a claim no other manufacturer can dare to make.


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