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Roofing and Waterproofing Warranties

The dictionary definition of warranty - “a written guarantee of the integrity of a product and of the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of defective parts” well defines Barrett's philosophy of their warranties.

Platinum Plus Labor and Material warranties can include insulation, concrete pavers, pedestals, Greenroof•Roofscapes® and EcoCline® components, sheet metal flashings and other specialized roofing components, in addition to the waterproofing membrane and membrane flashing.

Limited warranties are available for Barrett materials (Material Warranty) and for both material and workmanship (Labor and Material Warranty).

Many roofing warranties have “penal sums” which are limitations of the maximum dollar liability the manufacturer is responsible for, often limited to the Owner’s original cost or some other arbitrary limitation. Barrett Company warranties may be upgraded to a “No Dollar Limit” warranty, which have no penal sum or cap limitations on the monetary responsibility of Barrett.

Most “industry standard” warranties have a number of exclusions that leave the Owner responsible for any damages resulting from the many stated standard exclusions of roofing warranties, such as hail, puncture, high wind speeds, unusual building movement, expansion/contraction damages, thermal shock, roof top traffic, rooftop storage, design defects, etc.

The toughness of the Barrett Elastomeric systems and forgiveness of the protected membrane Ram Tough systems provide a large extra measure of coverage against these types of damages to the building Owner. The toughness and self-healing properties of some Barrett Systems are unmatched by other generic types of systems, a true value-added feature from Barrett, the very first name in commercial roofing.

Important considerations for the specifier and owner to review and understand about warranties include:

  • Scope of Coverage
  • Monetary Limits on Remedy
  • Exclusions
  • Nullification Provisions
  • Determination of Warranty Applicability
  • Maintenance Requirements

Barrett warranted systems must:

  • Be installed by a Barrett Approved Contractor
  • Follow Barrett specifications and details
  • Be inspected and accepted by Barrett
  • Be properly maintained by simple, straightforward procedures

A warranty has significant legal consequences; therefore, all parties should understand the document at the outset of a construction project to preclude subsequent misunderstandings. Building Owners should review any warranty document with appropriate counsel.

Typical Labor and Material Warranty Terms

KLB 100·4P·I·GS

25 years

KLB 100·3P·I·GS

20 years

KLB 100·2P·I·GS

15 years

KLB 100·1P·RR·SC

5 years


RT 250 PMR Roofing

30 years

RT 250 DM Plaza

20 years

RT 250 Waterproofing

10 to 20 years

RT 250 Parking & Bridge Deck

10 years

Greenroof - Roofscapes®

20 years


Black Pearl - Below Grade

10 years

Black Pearl - Plaza

20 years

Black Pearl - PMR

25 years

Black Pearl - Bridge Deck

10 years


Ram Cold Tar Unreinforced

7 years

Ram Cold Tar Reinforced

12 years


  • Specific approved gravel stops and copings can be included under warranty coverage.
  • Specific insulations can be included under warranty coverage.
  • Approved concrete pavers on pedestals can be included under warranty coverage for Ten years.
  • Plaza deck full system warranties including membrane, flashings, protection board, insulation, pedestals and pavers are available under Platinum Plus Warranty Coverage.
  • Greenroof-Roofscapes® systems can include all components of the system from the structural deck up.
  • Protected membrane roofing warranties can include insulation and ballast.
  • Wind speeds in excess of hurricane speed (74 MPH) can be increased with specific systems to 100 and 120 mph.
  • The Special Conditions paragraph of the Barrett warranty provides for any addenda or unique additions or exclusions that may modify warranty coverage.


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