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Black Pearl® Waterproofing Systems

Cold Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing

Black Pearl membranes are “true waterproofing,” unlike common roofing “weatherproofing.” Black Pearl Systems maintain their watertight integrity and prevent the passage of liquid under dynamic, static, continuous, or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. Weatherproofing typically does not.

Black Pearl Systems

  • Can be used Above Grade (e.g. Protected Membrane and Vegetative Roofs), On Grade (e.g. Plazas, Parking and Bridge Decks) and Below Grade (Foundation Walls, Mud Slabs,
    Blindside Walls, Lagging, Sheet Piling, Tunnels and
    Underground Structures)
  • Engineered to be installed on fresh “green” concrete, eliminating typical 28 day curing periods and the expense of curing agents.
  • Can be installed at 0°F as a cold process, unheated application while still providing genuine elastomeric waterproofing.
  • Black Pearl components are an “all season” system that can be installed down to 0°F
  • Eliminates the need for three separate seasonal grades of
  • Electronic leak detection (ELD) to ensure watertightness (ASTM D-5957)
  • Concrete substrates should be properly prepared in accordance with ASTM D-5295 guide
  • Does not require cants, swales, or crickets, further reducing costs and providing faster application.
  • The mass of the extra thick membrane provides improved damage resistance to jobsite abuse.

Black Pearl Waterproofing Membrane (BP•WM)

  • Made with FSC Textbond® spunbond polyester that is
    reinforced with integral longitudinal fiberglass strands set 3/8
    inch apart in the machine direction.
  • The dynamic fabric combination provides polyester’s elastic
    elongation across the roll with high puncture and tear resistance complemented by the tensile strength and stability of fiberglass.
  • The geotextile fabric is impregnated and coated with the same
    rubberized asphaltic matrix as Black Pearl Primer•Adhesive (without solvent) for 100% compatibility and high

Black Pearl Primer•Adhesive (BP•PA)

  • Black Pearl uses three rubber modifiers, butyl, neoprene, and
    SBS mixed with unoxidized asphalt.
  • The combination provides aggressive full adhesion to the
    substrate and chemically fuses with Black Pearl Sheets to form
    a thick, semi-monolithic waterproofing membrane.
  • Black Pearl prevents the passage of liquid water between the membrane and concrete substrates, resists root penetration
    and deterioration from identified chemical exposure.
  • The Primer•Adhesive is made with Naptha V.M.&P Rule 66
    solvent that is compliant with all current applicable OSHA and
    EPA regulations.


Superior Strength, Flexibility, Performance, Longevity, Durability, 

Security, Convenience and Versatility


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