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Greenroof - Roofscapes® : Benefits

The roof is a forgotten element on most buildings. It need not be. Designed and built as a purposeful element, roofs can be very environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and economically justified.

The Barrett Company has over 85 years of successful experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry. Combining our waterproofing expertise with the horticultural expertise of our partners, Barrett is able to offer Building Owners the exceptional Greenroof–Roofscapes® and our Greenroof Partner systems. The state-of-the-art waterproofing-landscape assemblies will provide a building owner with both economic and environmental benefits:

  • Create aesthetic appeal of the roof space
  • Increase property values
  • Increase usable space
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy expense
  • Provide proven therapeutic benefits
  • Single source complete system warranties for up to 25 years

Ecological benefits include:

  • Reduced and retarded storm water runoff
    o Reduces need to develop extensive storm water retention at the building site
    o Reduced run-off (summer 70%-100% reduction, winter 40%-50%, overall average 75%+)
    o Decreases need to expand or rebuild storm water infrastructure
    o Reduces wastewater treatment plant untreated overflows into rivers and bays
  • Reduced heat-island effect
    o Greenroof transpiration offers up to 50% better resistance to heat build-up than reflective      roof coatings and keeps surface temperatures below the ambient temperature level
    o Study at Berkeley indicates
        2 degree F temperature drop will reduce Ozone levels 5-10%
        2 degrees F temperature drop in U.S. urban areas reduces energy costs $3-4 billion
  • Conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen via photosynthesis
    o Improves indoor air quality with rooftop intakes as well as neighborhood air quality
    o 1 square meter of grass removes 0.2kg of airborne particulates per year
  • Reduced energy consumption means less energy production pollution
  • Vegetation processes airborne toxins and heavy metals through photosynthesis
    o Studies show copper, lead and cadmium levels reduced 95%, zinc levels reduced 16%
  • Significantly reduces noise pollution from outdoor sources. 40 decibel drops are common
  • Significantly prolongs roof life (double to triples) lessening occupancy disruption and reroofing expense resulting in low life-cycle cost
  • Decreases the 9 million tons of roof debris sent to landfills each year by more than half
  • Recycled and recyclable components are utilized in design and construction
  • Contributes to biodiversity in significant ways
  • Can be adapted to grow and harvest food and agricultural products

Conceptually, vegetative roofs can turn unused roof space into a park-like garden setting with a keen sensitivity to environmental enhancement. Barrett Greenroofs are designed around inter-dependent components, which function as a natural planting habitat, creating new types of public and private spaces, replacing nature’s footprint on the built environment.

With due respect and integration of Feng Shui design principles, a Greenroof can be endowed with an indefinable quality providing serenity, balance and harmony in otherwise lost space, all the while, making important environmental contributions.

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