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Greenroof Roofscapes® Protection and Insulation

Protection and Root Barriers

Greenroof–Roofscapes® designs incorporate long-term protection from root growth penetrating the membrane. The root barrier protection layer thickness and construction will vary depending on the vegetation planned and other design considerations. Several types of barriers are available. All RB20 - 80 root barriers comply with FLL standards.

Low Profile (Extensive) planting systems with growing media of six inches or less are generally designed with a single layer 20 mil thick root protection sheets with taped joints.

High Profile (Intensive) systems which have six inches or more of growing media, they may have vegetation with aggressive root systems requiring a thicker layer of root protection. “Semi-intensive” systems are thinner examples of intensive systems generally in the 6 to 9 inch depth range.

Ram RB 20

Medium Duty Root Barrier

Low Density Polyethylene

Ram RB 30

Medium - Heavy Duty Root Barrier 

High Density Polyethylene

Ram RB 40

Heavy Duty Root Barrier

High Density Polyethylene

Ram RB 80

Extra - Heavy Duty Root Barrier

High Density Polyethylene

Ram 200

Heavy Duty Protection Course

SBS Sheet w/ Sanded Surface

Ram 201

Light Duty Protection Course

SBS Sheet w/ Sanded Surface

Ram 203

Medium Duty Protection Course

SBS Sheet w/ Sanded Surface

Ram 306

Heavy Duty Protection Course

Granule Surfaced SBS Sheet

Ram 701 RB

Heavy Duty Protection and Root Barrier

SBS Granular with root repellent

Ram 707 CF

Extra Heavy Duty Protection and Root Barrier 

Copper Foil SBS Sheet root repellent


Insulation is typically installed over the membrane and primary root barrier in both Greenroof–Roofscapes® and EcoCline assemblies.

Insulation material must be high density extruded polystyrene. The weight of the soil overburden and other considerations will dictate compressive strength requirements of the extruded polystyrene which is available as 25, 40, 60 and 100 psi board stock, all with a published ‘R’ value of 5.0 per inch. This type of insulation also offers an excellent lightweight fill material, if topography contours are desired. An aeration medium is generally required over the insulation if the root barrier is placed above the insulation. Aeration is not necessary with the root barrier placed under the insulation.

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