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Greenroof Waterproofing Systems®

Barrett offers two time-proven waterproofing systems to form the basis for moisture protection in green roof assemblies. Each waterproofing system utilizes a reinforced fluid-applied rubberized asphalt membrane. The most critical element of any vegetated roof assembly is waterproofing. Without a long life watertight membrane the entire concept of green roofs benefits are undermined and cannot realize their potential.

1. Ram Tough 250 Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Systems

  • Full adhesion to the structural substrate preventing water migration between the membrane and the structural deck in the event the membrane is damaged.
  • Provides a minimum 215 mil thick monolithic waterproofing membrane without seams or joints that will withstand water immersed conditions and dynamic hydrostatic pressures.
  • Reinforced with spunbond polyester fabric for extra toughness and redundancy.
  • Long term physical and chemical stability in environments subjected to water, fertilizers and chlorides.
  • ”Best of Class” reliable and redundant detailing at all penetrations and perimeters.
  • High abuse resistance of the membrane as measured by the membrane’s stress-strain toughness, also known as the membrane’s “ability to do work”.
  • Efficient self-healing characteristics in warm temperatures.
  • Quality control program from design through manufacturing and project completion.
  • Compatible with both high voltage and low voltage Electric Field Mapping (EFM) Tests.
  • Performance proven over four decades in this specific type environment, unlike any other generic-type of membrane.
  • Application requires heated rubber melters with agitation. Roofer’s kettles cannot be used.

2. Black Pearl® Waterproofing System

  • Can be used Above Grade (e.g. Protected Membrane and Vegetative Roofs), On Grade (e.g. Plazas, Parking and Bridge Decks) and Below Grade (Foundation Walls, Mud Slabs, Blindside Walls, Lagging, Sheet Piling, Tunnels and Underground Structures)
  • Engineered to be installed on fresh “green” concrete, eliminating typical 28 day curing periods, compatibility issues and the expense of curing agents.
  • Can be installed at sub-freezing temperatures as a cold process, unheated application while still providing genuine elastomeric waterproofing.
  • Both high voltage and low voltage electronic leak detection (ELD) compatible procedures pursuant to ASTM D-5957ensure watertightness quality control.
  • Does not require cants, swales, or crickets, further reducing costs and providing faster application.
  • The mass of the extra thick (210mils) membrane provides redundancy and improved damage resistance to jobsite abuse.
  • Concrete substrates should be prepared in accordance with ASTM D-5295 Guide
      Black Pearl Waterproofing Membrane (BP•WM)
  • Made with polyester that is reinforced with longitudinal fiberglass in the machine direction.
  • The dynamic fabric combination provides polyester’s elastic elongation across the roll with high puncture and tear resistance complemented by the tensile strength and stability of fiberglass.
  • The geotextile fabric is impregnated and coated with rubberized asphaltic matrix similar to Black Pearl Adhesive for complete compatibility and high performance.
Black Pearl Primer•Adhesive (BP•PA)
  • Black Pearl Primer Adhesive uses four rubber polymer modifiers, butyl, neoprene, SBS and SIS, which is blended with unoxidized asphalt in a high shear mixer. Unlike ASTM D-312 oxidized asphalt, unoxidized asphalt is not prematurely aged with heat and steam.
  • The compound provides aggressive full adhesion to approved substrates and chemically fuses with Black Pearl Sheets to form a thick, semi-monolithic waterproofing membrane.
  • Black Pearl prevents the passage of liquid water between the membrane and concrete substrates, resists root penetration and deterioration from many identified chemical exposures.
  • The Primer•Adhesive is made with Naptha V.M.&P Rule 66 solvent and is compliant with all current applicable OSHA and EPA regulations.
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