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Construction Details

Enhanced and Elastomeric Built-Up Roofing

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Drawing Number
Scupper Through Roof Edge
BUR-05 (Former BRT BSEC.DWG)
Cant at Roof Edge
BUR-10 (Former BRT CSEC.DWG)
Light-Metal Roof Edge
BUR-15 (Former BRT DSEC.DWG)
Base Flashing for Non-Wall Supported Deck
BUR-20 (Former BRT ESEC.DWG)
Base Flashing for Wall SupportedDeck
BUR-25 (Former BRT FSEC.DWG)
Typical Base Flashing at Parapets and Curbs
BUR-30 (Former BRT GSEC.DWG)
Expansion Joint
BUR-35 (Former BRT HSEC.DWG)
Equipment Support Curb
BUR-45 (Former BRT ISEC.DWG)
Curb Detail for Rooftop Air Handling Equipment
BUR-50 (Former BRT JSEC.DWG)
Vent Pipe Flashing
BUR-55 (Former BRT KSEC. DWG)
Flashing Structural Members Through Roof Deck
BUR-60 (Former BRT LSEC.DWG)
Roof Drain
Connection between BUR and Cold Rubberized Asphalt
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