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ram-Tough 250 Fluid Applied Roofing and Waterproofing

The uncompromising, tough, flexible membrane that delivers design flexibility, durability and proven performance.

ram-Tough 250 is composed of SBS rubber polymers and specially refined unoxidized asphalt with a mineral filler and recycled tire rubber. This thermoplastic rubberized asphalt membrane forms a completely monolithic waterproofing system without seams and joints. The ram-Tough 250 is heated in an agitated melter on the jobsite and spread onto the deck and walls. It is reinforced with spunbond polyester and neoprene flashing creating a 215 mil think protective waterproof membrane. The rubber material's weblike molecular structure creates a microscopic elastic network of strong rubberized strands. During the polymerization process, the network absorbs the bitumen to produce a waterproofing material with exceptional self-healing properties, excellent toughness, tenacity, elongation, fatigue resistance and cold termperature flexibility.

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