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Advantages - Ram ColdTar® Plus Cold Applied Built-up Roofing Systems

Ram ColdTar® Plus is a unique, coal tar fortified, thermoplastic rubber roofing compound. Used in conjunction with multi-ply layers of polyester and fiberglass tri-laminate reinforcement, a Ram ColdTar Plus cold process built-up roofing system offers both performance and value for flat and low-slope roofing applications.



Resists Ponded Water

Retards Membrane Deterioration

Use on flat and low slopes
Avoid the Cost of Sloping with Insulation
Multi-ply Design
Redundancy Assures Waterproof Installation
Tri-laminate Reinforcement
Provides Superior Membrane Strength
No Special Equipment Needed
Reduces Application Costs and Time
Surfacing Options

Gravel, Granular Surface and Energy Star® Coating Options

Cold Applied, No Flames, Heating Apparatus
Reduces Cost and Occupant Disruption
Easy to Apply
Redundancy Reduces Application Errors
Proven Track Record
Assures Performance and Value
Less Maintenance Required
Excellent Life-Cycle Cost



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