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Ram ColdTar® Roof Compound

Ram ColdTar® is a unique thermoplastic SBS rubber coating compound designed for use in the construction and restoration of all types of bituminous roofing systems. Used for the repair and restoration of existing asphalt, coal tar and modified bitumen membrane systems, Ram ColdTar is ideally suited for treating weathered surfacing, bare spots and ponded roof areas which typically deteriorate before the rest of the membrane. Used as part of a total restoration procedure, a Ram ColdTar® system can be installed at a cost of up to 60% less than a typical reroofing process while avoiding long-term depreciation and limits set by some building codes.

Ram ColdTar built-up roof assemblies offer the benefits of a cold applied liquid system, with the superior durability typcially associated with hot applied, multi-ply membranes. This system is recommended for dead-level and low-slope roof decks when long-term performance and limited maintenance is desired.

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